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It has been forever since I have been on here.
                          Great to Finally have some free time again.
                                                      Focused, Determined and Ready, that is me.

New Hope

It is a New Year,
           It is a Chance to wipe the slate clean?
                      It is a Chance to try something new?
                                 It is a Chance to try and make a difference?
                                            It is a Chance to Forgive and Re-Unite with Old Friends and Family?
                                                     It is a Chance for us to move Forward


I can't Believe it is almost December already....
          Is it just me or did this year just fly by?
Soon we will have snow on the ground and holiday decorations in the front yards.
              Soon it will be a new year with new "hope" and new "change"


My Laptop has been out of commission the last few days; I am so excited to have it up and running again.

Maybe it is just me and I know it is because I am not very computer savvy, but I get the feeling the service techs lick their chops when someone like me walks in with a problem. What seems like a catastrophe is probably a little “freeware” away from being fixed. They charge what seems like an arm and a leg, and say they will have everything fixed in a few days. They never appear to give a clear explanation on the cause of problem or prevention.

I just breathe in and say “just do whatever you have to, just promise me that I will have all my data after you are finish”


Anyhow, it is cold here where I live, just more reason to curl up and do the fun things I like doing. Hopefully everyone is having a good day?



What happen to the type of movie that you have to watch once a year?
 Need more movies like:
 A Christmas Story
 The Wizard of Oz
  Sound of Music
  Its a Wonderful Life          

Maybe I just ole fashion.

My Motivation as a YA writer and Illustrator.

"Somewhere along the line of development we discover what we really are, and then we make our real decision for which we are responsible. Make that decision primarily for yourself because you can never really live anyone else's life."  -- Eleanor Roosevelt   

I have made many bad decisions in my life. I have regret. People say you live and you learn, but the reality is not that simple. Most people can look to family and friends for advice, but again, the reality is not that simple for everyone. The reason; family will sometime tell you what they think you want to hear, or tell you what they think you should hear.

My example:
            My life was in a tailspin and needed to stabilize. I was dating an older man, who was well off and nourishing. The signs of incompatibility were there, but my family and friends encouraged me to work through it because they felt it was in my best interest.

The marriage didn’t last long and I was miserable and controlled (my own fault). The consequence, the “learn part”, I have become estranged from my friends and family. Now I am mending the wounds with people who were close to me. 

So my motivation as writer and illustrator is to inspire young people to make rational decisions. Make decisions based on life experience of themselves and others. Use sound judgment. Have realistic Expectations. Learn from failure. Take calculated risks. Have courage to be themselves, the fear of being yourself impedes development of independent individuals who judge and decide knowingly for themselves. The fear of judgment by others is a path to unhappiness. 

The ultimate goal is happiness? Without happiness, what do we have? Sadness. Life is short and we only live once. 

Carpe Diem

Welcome to my Journal

I am new to Live-Journal, but it seems like an excellent way to find, interact and feed off people with similar interests. It also makes sense to have a nice balance of friends who will comment on your journal content.  Welcome

Apple Picking in the Fall

                                                  ing in Wisconsin
                                       e pick
                  I love        Fall in
         Wisconsin. Racine County
     is teeming with Families from far
  and close, converging on the small
orchards  for   their  chance at  golden
delicious & sweet granny smith apples.
The  Autumn   cool   air make  the  hike
  around the  orchard delightful.   Bags
     full of apples, the thought of warm
      apple cider and smell of apple
           pie make Fall my favorite
                 time of    the year.

Carpe Diem

Life is short and sweet.
                                             So I live life to the Fullest.
                                                                                            Still working on my To-Do-List
                                            Make the World  Better
Travel. Painting. Writing